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Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter

Greetings from Mayor Just.


 I wish to celebrate two Ladies who have been incredible advocates for the Town of Fairplay, the businesses and the surrounding South Park community.

 Of course, I am speaking about Pat Pocius and Kim Wittbrodt. These two Ladies have spent a large portion of their lives creating businesses, developing business models to assist other fledgling businesses, creating a business support group, and mentoring those businesses when and as needed. While they were busy helping businesses on Front Street, they were also instrumental in adding to the charm and ambiance of Front Street.

 Pat Pocius was recently recognized for 37 continuous years in business as South Park Pottery along with other significant accomplishments including owning the historic Hand Hotel for about 5 years in the early 90’s. Pat partnered with Kim and co-founded the Front Street Merchants organization which was a cooperative of most of the businesses on Front Street that was created to help those businesses have a unified voice and launch that voice into action. Pat also created the Bead and Fiber show which attracted over 30 vendors from around the world and brought them to Fairplay to show and share their goods. Pat also taught pottery making, metal works and forging in her studio. Pat created the Coyote Creek Studio Arts Co-op that enabled over 50 artists from around the world to display and share their artwork. Talking with Pat, one of her proudest accomplishments was being able to find enough time to collect scrap aluminum and metals and convert those efforts into monetary support for the Boys and Girls Club of South Park, now known as the Boys and Girls Club of the High Rockies. Pat also supports the South Park Food Bank, the South Park City Heritage Foundation, and the South Park Senior Coalition. In recognition of her tremendous accomplishments, Pat was honored on May 13, 2023 with a celebration and a Mayor’s Proclamation acknowledging her many accomplishments and contributions to our Town and its businesses. Thank you again, Pat for choosing Fairplay and showering us with your graciousness, generosity and kindness!

Kim Wittbrodt was also recently recognized for her contributions to Fairplay and retirement from the Town of Fairplay with a gathering and farewell party in her honor on June 11, 2023 at the South Park Brewery. Kim’s business ventures include Mama Moose’s Kitchen, Java Moose, Main Street Laundry, and Main Street Garage. All these businesses were contributory to the growth of Fairplay business and added much-needed enterprise to Fairplay with 2 of them continuing to operate today. Kim was also motivated to give her time and effort to advancing businesses in Fairplay and as stated above was co-founder of the Front Street Merchants organization. Kim was also a key stakeholder in the creation of the South Park Recreation Center, facilitated and advanced the development of Youth Sports – specifically, Grizzly Football, Fairplay Youth Baseball, and the Fairplay Flyers Ski Program. Kim was also very active in volunteering for the South Park Seniors Center and South Park Food Bank. As   Treasurer for the Town of Fairplay for 12 years, Kim was very active in volunteering for all the many events that the Town sponsored and promoted each year. Kim was presented the True Pioneer Award in 2014 for her accomplishments and contributions to the community. Kim’s more “under the radar” contributions to our community include her unwavering support and providing of food and drink to firefighters during so many of our community’s wildfires throughout the years. Kim has truly spent her lifetime in our community giving of herself and her resources as they were needed. She will be sorely missed and remembered for her lifetime of service to our Town and our community.

Please give Pat and Kim your congratulations and thank them for their contributions if you happen to see them out and about.

Once again, I wish you all great success in your endeavors and undertakings and hope that your rewards far surpass your efforts in everything you do. Much love and appreciation for your continued support of our Town and our great citizenry who make us a great place to live.



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