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Fairplay Municipal Court is a limited jurisdiction court of record hearing violations of the ordinances of the Town of Fairplay.

These ordinances involve criminal offenses; traffic violations, animal and Municipal Code violations as well as parking.

Depending on the type of offense, Fairplay Police Officers write Citations into either the Fairplay Municipal Court or the Park County Combined Court.  Information on this site applies to the Fairplay Municipal Court only. Please check your Citation to see in which Court the Citation was filed.

If your Citation is marked as a SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT, this means that you MUST appear in Court for arraignment on the charges. The date and time of your Court is indicated in the COURT APPEARANCE box. Please see the image to the right outlining where this information can be found on your citation.

If your Citation is marked as a PENALTY ASSESSMENT, you can contact the Court to make a payment by phone via credit card or debit card at (719) 836-2622 opt. 3, or you can mail a check made payable to the Fairplay Municipal Court at PO Box 267, Fairplay, CO 80440.  Penalty Assessment payments can be made up until the day prior to the Court Appearance date.  Please see the image to the right outlining where this information can be found on your citation.

If you were cited for a Moving Violation (i.e. Speeding, Disregard a Traffic Control Device) where 2 or more points are assessed and you pay it within 20 days of issuance, you have a chance of having the points that will be applied to your license reduced.

If you have missed your court date, please contact the Court Clerk at (719) 836-2622 opt. 3 immediately.  Ignoring your Summons or Penalty Assessment Citation could cost you much more time and money, and possibly even prevent you from being able to renew your license.  It is also possible to have a warrant issued for your arrest depending on the offense. Court Clerks are not allowed to give any legal advice by law but will answer procedural questions. 

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Municipal Court
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