Fairplay PD Staff Photo

The Fairplay Police Department provides law enforcement services to the community in order to protect the overall health, safety and welfare of the community and to protect property.

Fairplay Police Department Mission Statement

The members of the Town of Fairplay Police Department are committed to providing professional, quality police service to the Town of Fairplay. We take the responsibility to maintain order, protect life and property and to improve the quality of life for all Fairplay citizens, members of the community, and visitors.

Our objective is to maintain a safe and secure environment for all by interacting with the community, emphasizing the control and prevention of crime and providing fair, impartial, efficient service to the public. By maintaining order, protecting all constitutional freedoms and enforcing the law impartially, we will serve the Town of Fairplay and tirelessly strive to accomplish our mission.

Chief of Police Policy Note:
MULTI-AGENCY INVESTIGATION - Any Officer-involved shootings that result in injury or death shall be investigated by a multi-agency team. The multi-agency team shall include at least one other police or sheriff’s agency or the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. The Police Chief or the authorized designee shall ensure this protocol is posted on the Fairplay Police Department website and is available to the public upon request (CRS §16-2.5-301).

VIN INSPECTIONS: As of July 24, 2023, Park County Clerk & Recorder will conduct all VIN inspections for title work from their office located in the Park County Office Building at 856 Castello. They can be reached by phone at 719-836-4333.

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