Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Fairplay has created a comprehensive Plan for Fairplay. This is a document that is used by local government to guide future community development in physical, social and economic terms. A comprehensive plan is developed through a public process that normally includes community surveys, community meetings, workshops, interviews and public hearings.

Our comprehensive plan includes a community vision statement which describes a view of the future that, along with the goals, policies and implementation actions developed through the public process, guides future planning and community development decisions.

Our comprehensive plan contains topics that address future land use, annexations, housing, economy, transportation, infrastructure (water, sewer, streets, sidewalks) parks/open space/trails, environment, intergovernmental cooperation/coordination and others.

Please see the links below if you are interested in the contents of our comprehensive plan. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call Town Hall at (719) 836-2622 or info [at] (subject: Inquiry%20from%20website%20-%20Comprehensive%20Plan) (email us).

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