The Public Works Department oversees Utilities (Water and Sewer) and works with contract Operators in Responsible Charge (ORCs) to manage these services for the Town of Fairplay.

ORCs are individuals certified by the State of Colorado Water and Wastewater Facility Operators Certification Board as Certified Water Professionals to operate and maintain a water or wastewater system in Colorado. Current ORCs for the Town are mdeline [at] fairplayco.us (Marty Deline) and Keith Chisholm and they control, supervise, and actively operate the Town's Water and Wastewater Plants and actively participate in the maintenance of these facilities, making process control and system integrity decisions. The ORCs also train and supervise other system workers (Public Works Maintenance Staff) in the performance of daily activities such as general system operations, sampling, safety, emergency response and reporting and recordkeeping.

Information and details regarding the Town's Water and Sewer Departments such as the construction of infrastructure and other related requirements can be found in the Town's Municipal Code which is hosted online by Municode. The Fairplay Sanitation District Rules & Regulations can also be found through this link and are posted below.

Questions regarding the Water and Sewer utilities for the Town can be addressed to the Public Works Department at (719) 838-0163.

Tap / System Investment Fees for connection to the Town's Water and Sewer Systems were updated January 23, 2023 and are as follows:


Plant Investment Fee 3/4" Tap / 1.0 SFE $9,400.00
  1"  Tap / 1.8 SFE $16,920.00
  1 1/2" Tap / 4.0 SFE $37,600.00
  2" Tap / 7.0 SFE $65,800.00
  3" Tap / 16.0 SFE $150,400.00
  4" Tap / 28.0 SFE $263,200.00
  Outside User Fees Double
  Fire Protection Only Tap 25% of PIF + Tapping Charges, Fees & Costs


System Investment Fee (SIF) 1 - EQR (Equivalent Residential Unit) $8,351.00
  1 - EQR (Outside User) Double

Monthly user fees can be found in the Town's Fee Schedule.

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